101 –Business Essentials: Getting your Property Management Company Started Right

  1. Wise Decisions: The 3 questions to ask yourself before you make any big decision
  2. Management Agreement Essentials: The 7 things your attorney probably left out of your management agreement
  3. Lease Agreement Essentials: The 7 things your tenant wishes were not in your lease agreement
  4. Your Management Fee is Too Low: How to setup, sell, and profit from your management fee structure
  5. Why Isn't My Phone Ringing -part I?: Essential elements of a web-site and the 5 tools you must be using  
  6. Don't Answer on the First Ring: How to sell yourself to new owner-clients
  7. Does Fair Housing Really Matter?: What every property manager needs to know about fair housing and HUD
  8. Can Turkeys Really Be Service Animals?: How to effectively, legally, and quickly process service animal requests


201 - Growth & Income: What successful PM companies do that others do not

    1. Double your Income - part I: Offering ancillary business services to your owners
    2. Double your Income - part II: Offering ancillary business services to your tenants
    3. Systematizing For Success - part I: Letting your business run itself through systems
    4. Systematizing For Success - part II: Letting your business run itself through systems
    5. Follow the Opportunity: 7 unique opportunities in the PM business you may be missing out on
    6. Spending Time in the Clouds and in the Dirt: How to work both IN and ON your business at the same time
    7. Are Real Estate Investors Really that Smart?: 6 Financial formulas you must know to work with RE investors
    8. Why Isn't My Phone Ringing - part II: Using video content marketing to grow new business

    301 – Built to Last: Ensuring the long term success of your PM company

    1. Hiring & Firing: How to find, attract, and interview rock star employees... and when to fire them
    2. Business Leadership: The only 3 things you need to know about leadership
    3. The Most Important Meeting: One-on-one meetings will impact your employees like nothing else!
    4. Know Your Numbers: What metrics should you be using to measure the success of your business
    5. The Two Most Important Roles: Understanding WHAT the two roles are and how to do them.
    6. Business Acquisitions Part 1: Considerations when looking to buy a property management company
    7. Business Acquisitions Part 2: How to structure the deal and due diligence when buying a property management company
    8. No Regrets: How to balance your crazy business with your crazy life and enjoy them both!

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