About Marc

When my dad decided to start a property management business in 1978, interest rates were 16%, Jimmy Carter was in year #2 of his presidency, and the Bee Gees had the #1 hit song on the radio (staying alive!). I was one of the first employees of Grace Property Management...because I was free child labor!

I grew up in the real estate world and spent spent many years pulling weeds, painting walls, showing properties, and collecting rents for my dad.

Today, with our team of 20+ people, we manage over 1,000 properties in the Denver area. We manage, we buy, we sell, we lease, we inspect, we evict, we invest, and we have fun doing it!

In addition to running our company, we train thousands of property managers each year. Whether you are just starting a property management business or you are an industry veteran, we can show you how you can create a sustainable, profitable business that is NOT dependent on you to run it... and still take Fridays off.

If you are more impressed with initials after a name - Marc is the President of Grace Property Management & Real Estate, holds a degree in Real Estate & Finance, has taught CE classes in over 20 states, is regularly featured in national real estate publications and podcasts, holds multiple designations, invests in residential and commercial real estate, and was named the 2018 national property manager of the year by Think Realty.

Marc lives in Loveland, CO, where he lives his failed childhood sports dreams through his children.

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